pelle cuborosso

A precious material, which evokes tradition and arouses emotions. An added value that underlines the manual nature of the packaging and enhances its quality and elegance beyond time and fashions. The Red Cube Style Office constantly invests in research to offer a range of leathers with refined colors, with personalized concepts and finishes. The hides used come exclusively from European farms. The selection of leathers is carried out under the careful supervision of experts who check their quality and the presence of any defects, and today it has more than 150 color variations to satisfy every taste.


The textile collection reflects the values to which the entire Cubo Rosso production is based, which has always been committed to a constant search for excellence of the most authentic Made in Italy. Every year, in conjunction with the launch of the new upholstery collection, a new textile collection is also proposed, specially designed by the Red Cube style Office. Each textile collection is coordinated by the company and is designed to strengthen the brand identity, its inimitable style and its uniqueness. It includes a variety of proposals ranging from cotton to velvet, from linen to chenille, which allow the creation of coverings that represent the most advanced synthesis in terms of elegance, versatility, comfort and resistance. The different types of fabric allow you to make the most of the shapes, to enhance the tailoring, and to obtain a high degree of product customization.