Books, articles and Instagram accounts … armocromia is a real trend that is gaining followers throughout Italy. What is it? Can it also be applied to furniture?

This theory is based on the science of colors and their matching in perfect harmony. It divides all shades into 4 palettes that take their name from the four seasons.

The summer palette consists of tones with cold undertones, light color values ​​and low intensity. We therefore find in this category dusty colors, powder and pastel. The basic colors are white, gray and dove gray which can be combined with pink, lilac, light blue and aqua green.

The winter palette is also characterized by a cold undertone. In this case, however, the colors have a dark chromatic value and a high intensity. The shades are strong and intense and include, for example, black, ivory, purple, electric blue, and the intense red of berries.

The spring palette belongs to the warm undertone and its colors have light chromatic value and high intensity. In fact, it includes bright colors such as red, orange, green and blue.

The other warm palette is autumn. The shades of this group resemble the colors that nature wears this season. In fact, they have a dark color value and low intensity. We see in the category mainly beige, yellow, brown, burgundy.

Armocromia has been a tool for image consultants for years but is now increasingly used by interior designers as well. In fact, colors play a fundamental role in furnishings and contribute to making a welcoming environment and changing the perception of spaces. They can also be used to establish the entire mood of a home.

How to furnish, then, with this science? First, start with a dominant color and then continue with a minor and a complementary one. Except for some hints of contrast, all shades must have the same undertone. Then, if you have a large house, you can risk monochrome by combining the same color and the same shade for both the walls and the sofa. To establish the colors at home, you can start from a protagonist furniture, from a painting, from the floor or from the wallpaper and then follow the palettes of the various seasons.