What do you prefer? 11 Styles for Dissolving Doubts

What do you prefer? 11 Styles for Dissolving Doubts

Sit comfortably: a roundup of new shapes, colors and materials is coming soon

The sofa is that element of furniture that manages to put the hosts, but also architects and decorators, in crisis.
In the meantime, because there are so many types on the market. Then because being the real centerpiece of the house, it is a very important object and destined to last over time, as well as to determine the look of the interiors.

Today we take a virtual journey through the trends of the moment in the field of sofas: that there is among them also the perfect sofa for your stay?

1. The great classic
Let's start with a must back with great strength in recent years: the Chesterfield sofa, made of fabric or leather with capitonné processing. Traditional sofa par excellence, it is back in vogue in its eclectic declination, that is, in combination with different styles of furniture from the classic.

If placed in an industrial-style environment, then a bit masculine in character, the choice of a sofa with round shapes could be right.

By the way, do you know what capitonné means?

2. Angular
Always contemporary, although it is not a trendy novelty, it is the angular sofa, with geometric and clean lines.
If you are lucky enough to have a very large stay and do not feel dare with more risky compositions, you can certainly consider this solution, always checking very well the measures during the purchase.

Keep in mind, however, that there are also more "dynamic" options than the classic corner sofa…

3. The Composable
… We are talking about modular sofas, a beautiful novelty of recent times and evolution of the classic corner sofa.
The living area – you know – is less and less dedicated solely to the living room, but it has become more and more a dynamic environment, living with many other functions: lunch, dinner, reading, play, study. This is how the design responds to the changes of society by "breaking down" the traditional sofa into several parts, in order to adapt it to the changing and different needs.
Think carefully: maybe your stay has an irregular shape – it often happens that you do not have two walls at right angles, for example – or you are simply afraid to get tired with the usual "static" sofa. Here, this might be the right choice for you!

4. The Deconstructed
The composition of unusual shapes is often also accompanied by combinations of different colors and textures.

5. Nordic style
Coming instead to two- or three-seater sofas, the design offers us many choices.
Among the most contemporary forms are the so-called high-back sofas, that is, sofas with high backs. A trend of Scandinavian derivation, precisely from that concept of hygge, of cozy home, typical of Nordic culture.
Many design brands have repurposed it, in different shapes, in solid color, characterized by feet that lift it from the ground, often made of natural wood.

6. The Enveloping
Almost opposite to the high-backed sofas, it is the tendency of sofas leaning on the ground. In this case the shapes are sculptural and fluffy, becoming a true design icon.

7. To sleep
Forget the days when the sofa bed was an element of "ugly" furniture. Indeed, it even seems that there is a real return of the so-called daybed, just like day bed: the call in this case is to the oriental culture and a zen style of furniture, dominated by natural colors and colors, wood and plants.

8. DIY and upcycling
Let's not forget also the DIY trend: here we are in Germany and as you can see both the sofa and the coffee table are made with recycling pallets. It is clearly up to you to understand if you are able to build your own custom sofa, certainly the satisfaction of creating with your own hands such an important piece of furniture must be really great once finished!

9. Colorful…
Why always limit yourself to neutral shades? The most popular shades include warm hues such as pantone marsala, cognac, caramel, but also strong colors such as oil blue, purple and green.

10. Or all white
Fabric, leather, but also velvet, in most cases solid color, to be combined with cushions in different textures and colors.
The total white fabric sofa allows you to play a lot by combining fabrics and colors of blankets and pillows. But it's certainly not one of the most practical cleaning solutions!

11. Leather.
The shades that go most in vogue are the natural and warm ones of cognac and caramel: versatile colors, elegant and at the same time casual.

The most practical colors are the dark ones.

Source: www.houzz.it