How a sofa is created

You often see our sofas ready but before they arrive in your homes there is a long and artisanal process to bring them to light.
Cuborosso, in fact, is more than a company, it is a team where ideas come together to create a different product. Cuborosso sofas are always a bridge between past and future, between the tradition from which we take inspiration and the innovation that we try to introduce at every stage of the production process.
But what are the ideas behind one of our sofas?
Our models are all born from the Design Team in which creativity and advanced technologies meet to create modern and elegant furnishing systems. However important creativity may be, however, the ultimate goal is never lost sight of: enhancing the living areas and giving our customers the right comfort. Design, therefore, is always technical and aesthetic in equal measure, so behind every design there is always a careful search for market needs.
We also keep in mind our manufacturing soul that sees us inserted in the production context of Made in Italy. The quality of the Italian tradition is not only an added value but a real ideal to be safeguarded. The territory in which our company was born, Puglia, is a source of great inspiration. We were born, in fact, in the Murgian upholstered furniture district and we are heirs of a long tradition.
Our latest collection, Picasso, is all about the sartorial experience and contemporary stylistic lines. The sofas created, therefore, are characterized by a very high quality, by precious and selected fabrics, by great attention to detail and by a concept that conceives our product as the absolute protagonist of daily life and that follows evolving over time and changing with the our habits. In this collection you can therefore find: eclectic sofas suitable for modern homes and open spaces in which they can delimit spaces and their uses; modular sofas that are transformed according to their occasion of use; sofas with relaxing movements that expand the seating space and transform it to give you all the comfort you need.
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