Style Lessons: The Delicate Art of Matching Pillows

Style Lessons: The Delicate Art of Matching Pillows

Pillows are imaginative or essential furniture elements, they manage with little to "revolutionize" the space: minimal expense, maximum yield.

Pillows have become an essential piece of furniture in contemporary homes. They color, decorate, garnish, embellish and, at a rather limited cost, give the space that extra accent that personalizes and makes a difference.

Once seen only as aseptic and simple accessories for the sofa, today they are considered "indispensable" elements to complete upholstered and not only. But how to match them? Whether they are arranged on an armchair, on the bed or, as increasingly happens, on the floor when they are quite considerable in size, they give the room elegance and style.

They are a perfect trick if you want to move the look of an environment without resorting to too demanding work or excessive costs.
In the next photos you will find many ideas to learn the art of matching and choosing pillows.

Different sizes and shapes

Soft-shaped cushions with dissimilar sizes are ideal for decorating and customizing the bed.
Whether you want to camouflage it – hence the choice to focus on a multitude of different elements – or in case you aim to enrich it.

In the latter situation the bed, full of pillows, some of them made from fine fabrics, will become "precious" just like that of a five-star hotel suite. The soft complements will also give the room elegance and a touch of healthy romance that embellishes and does not hurt.

Always remember that for this type of use it is preferable to focus on elements made from fibers and natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk.

Charts and geometrics

If the house has an element with intense chromaticism, such as a wall, a carpet or a bright and colorful padded, you could start from this to give new life to the space. The guiding color will be, for example, the starting point for making cushions with coordinated colors to be realized with graphic and geometric patterns.

Models covered with fabrics of this type add style and contemporaneity to traditional shapes and elements that have become anonymous. Rows, diamonds, zigzag decorations and lozenges allow endless combinations to be assembled at will and without any fear.
A touch of color or a set of studied graphic games can change the overall effect of the environment and revere the space.
Try, the aesthetic result is guaranteed.

Tone on tone
To give a touch of glamour without too many chromatic dissonances, nothing is more suitable than the tone-on-tone models. Assembling cushions will add comfort to the sofa without charging additional colors to the space.

Tone on tone does not mean monotony: playing with a palette of similar colors if you have a strong dominant color such as brown, gray or white in all its shades, will allow you to have fun with fabrics and decorations. The cushions can have different shapes and materials and can be made even more unique by precious details such as buttons, borders, seams made from golden threads or rich trimmings.

If you are looking for an idea, why not focus on some decorated and somewhat artistic model to choose from with a unique or similar theme? These models arranged on a small sofa two places, essential and monochrome, will be the right answer to customize with creativity.
Do you love art? Aim for themed prints with décor that hark back to great creatives.

Pillows of this kind will bring a touch of modernity and will also be perfect on a vintage sofa and retro design.

Resistant and colourful
On the terrace, on a bench just outside in the balcony, in the garden, or on a patio to dress a wicker sofa "a little old"; outside the cushions are also depopulated. Brilliant in colors, made from UV-resistant fibers, they are versatile elements to be used at will. Small and imaginative can embellish sofas and chairs, large and flat can be arranged on the floor to be used as real seats. Whether they are neutral, chosen in earth tones, or colorful in the most vitamin palettes, combined with a few essential furnishing elements will give character to the outdoor space and give a wonderful relaxation area that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful spring and summer days.

Contrast tints
Colorful and contrasting cushions are ideal when you want to move and animate a monochrome sofa. In an instant the padded will regain strength returning to be the center of gravity of the room. Be careful, however, not to overload or to create too many dissonances between tones and fantasies. Harmony must always be the key word, especially when you want to work on contrasts.

Large and versatile

Not just a padded, but a real assembler of pillows. Dishes and quilts to make seats and backs and fluffy and soft as decorative elements. A free organization, directly resting on the ground, that allows you to easily change the position and composition of the system. For houses with a veiled oriental air or distinctly gypsy.

Source: www.houzz.it