Summer is a season to be lived strictly outdoors and if you are lucky enough to have a beautiful veranda or a garden you will do it relaxing on a sofa suitable for outdoor spaces.


They, in fact, require great care and maintenance. Their main enemy is the climate that this season gets dry and sometimes rainy. Therefore, environmental conditions are an important factor to consider when buying a sofa destined for outdoor spaces.


Another important feature is its position. The sofa can be placed on the grass or on a patio. In the first case we must be very careful because the moisture of the soil could spoil the wood or corrode the metal of the structure.


The materials of these furnishing accessories must generally have a good resistance to bad weather. Therefore, with regard to natural materials, teak or rattan are preferred.

The first is a type of precious wood, durable and perfect for the outside. It is fragrant and pleasant to the touch and water-repellent because of the micropores it has on the whole surface. Rattan, on the other hand, is a very common material in furniture, with a high aesthetic impact. It is high quality, durable and very elastic but tends to change color when exposed to the sun.


If we choose, instead, a cleaner and more modern line, we will prefer a metal structure. Aluminium doesn’t need large maintenance and is light and anti-corrosive.


As for the fabrics they will be waterproof and easily washable.


If your veranda is small and you don’t feel like buying a specific sofa for the outside, we suggest you choose a modular one whose parts can be moved easily. In our Picasso collection you will find the Borger, modular and playful with soft and welcoming curves. You can move the necessary units to the veranda if necessary and then bring them back to their place. It is one of our most versatile models and characterized by a soul that makes it suitable for different contexts and situations.