Value for money … does it really mean something?

Value for money … does it really mean something?

Often we hear some television advertisements and even some sellers, leveraging a phrase of great effect:

"… This sofa has an unbeatable value for money"!

I remain totally indifferent to this sentence. Or rather, I just understand that in the STORE that product has certain characteristics and (from your point of view) at that price you definitely do not find the same features and performance. Most likely the product is the subject of a promotion and until recently it was proposed at a higher price.

I thank him for this information but it didn't change my life. He does his duty, it is natural and he must not reproach himself, but he is only remarking a promotion! It's clear, promotions are for that. But who invented this phrase that is surely useless and so popular? Where did it come from? This sentence is only apparently the summary of a thousand technical and performance variables.

In fact, it's often the ready-made, packaged phrase to make you buy in a closed box! A ready-made dish, cooked and served on the plate. Without so much effort, without thinking much, you find yourself ready and eat. That's the only purpose of this sentence.

Surely the idea of giving a positive value to this very complex relationship, could be useful. If it comes from the experience of the seller, it arises from the attention of the purchasing agent, it arises from the efforts of the company to propose a winning product on the market … would become a summary of the efforts of all insiders to propose a winning product. But if we think about it, shouldn't it be so for all products?

And if we think again, the products in promotion definitely have better value for money than a previous situation when the product was not on sale … but then we only have to look for the products in promotion? I don't get it! What do we do with the other sofas? Are you waiting for a "bad" food to spend its money because it doesn't take into account the value for money? The moment the Panda gives you a discount of 1,000 euros exceeds all previous quality/price values and is probably the best value of all FIAT products.

But then you don't sell anything else? Everyone buys Panda?? Maybe an SUV or a Toyota hybrid?

But who puts these things in your head?

Of course if a product meets my needs and is also on offer in that store and compared to others I have seen I make a general assessment and it satisfies me, then that's fine! It is a relationship that I decided, otherwise what interests me about this blessed relationship (which then does not even have a number or an acronym or a value of any kind …)  thrown there, the result of a reasoning of the products of the seller and with a completely subjective value!

This blessed relationship to me personally only inspires this thought:

"… look that you are spending little and since you usually have a quality compared to what you spend, do not take a rip! If there is little quality, you are still spending little and therefore the relationship is there "

But if I spend more and have more quality I do not maintain the balanced relationship anyway??"

But then I'm point and head! If I spend little anyway the relationship there … if I spend more the report there is still! So what?? What do I choose?

Forget conventional phrases, slogans, look at our wallet and spend what's right for us. Let me give you the example of a wine.

Do I want/can I spend 10 euros, 20 euros or 40 euros? If I want to keep a great value I can do it all cases! Purchase:

  • Prosecco at 10 euros
  • Franciacorta at 20 euros
  • Champagne at 40 euros

In all 3 cases I made a purchase with great value for money. But these are well-known and "easy" wines to evaluate if we have in front of a wine of the 5 Terre or Valtellina or Etna what characteristics make us think of a great value for money?

For example, the number of bottles produced. That's definitely it. The fewer bottles the winery produces the more expensive the wine. Winemaking times, manual harvesting, limited production, etc.

If we look closely these factors do not determine the absolute quality, but affect the price. So it goes without saying that the relationship is unbalanced and therefore an intelligent person who bases his purchases on the Q./P. ratio should never buy them!! In theory. But in practice fortunately, it's not.

I am very interested in putting an original wine on the table, maybe it is the memory of a trip, or because it is a combination recommended by all the guides with a certain dinner dish. It is not trivial, for example, for a gift to a friend. And I could go on with a thousand examples.

Thinking about it better probably these wines have a value for money also significantly higher than many others. We take prosecco, a wine produced in millions of bottles and a wine produced in a few thousand bottles with only 7/8 euros difference… there is no comparison in value for money in favor of the wine of the 5 lands.

As you can see, this phantom report counts for determining whether the wine is good and whether it is right or not that I buy it! It depends on so many factors, on my expectations, on the use I have to make of it, on my wallet.

The same goes for sofas. Let's think about how much we want/can spend, remember that the money is well spent both if I buy at 1,000 to 1,500 and even to 2,000 you just have to know how to evaluate and compare the products well and make your expectations known.

It is forbidden to make another reasoning: "… I spend little / I give a little shit"! If the seller has not explained the product features well, if you do not have the product card to take your notes, if you have no way to evaluate the coating well, call the Company or go to another store!

The only way to understand if you are spending your money well, if you are buying what you need, of the right quality for yourself, if you are buying the product you want you have only one method: inform! The purchase you make will surely be consistent with YOUR value for money-service-ergonomics-guarantees-duration-…/price! and only that has value!