2019 has ended in the wake of environmental disasters, the cause of which many think is climate change due to pollution. Typhoons hit Japan last year, hurricanes hit the United States and both California and Australia burned defenselessly.

The main architect of environmental pollution is, as we all know, man. The toxic substances that cause the degradation of the ecosystem derive, in fact, from industry, electricity and heating production, intensive agriculture and car and air traffic. To this dramatic picture we must also add the aggressive deforestation that is not only the basis of the recent fires in the Amazon Forest, but also inhibits the ability of the natural environment to absorb carbon dioxide.

Environmental pollution in Italy is also at a very high level. Fortunately, however, there is a growing awareness that in order to save nature and above all ourselves, we must make a change of course. In fact, industry is moving towards a more sustainable and efficient economic model. In our country, the furniture and interior design sector is led by entrepreneurs who are investing more and more in the green economy. The key points of this change are: eco-design, innovative materials, renewable and recycled materials and energy efficiency.

Cuborosso is also engaged in a company policy that seeks to operate a green economy aimed at making the factory energy efficient. The basic belief is, in fact, that one can change the world by making environmental choices in one’s daily work.  The company is equipped with photovoltaic panels that cover the energy needs. In addition, the choice of raw materials is scrupulous and favours products at km 0 in order to ensure a low environmental impact. Finally, at the end of the cycle, the materials to be reused are chosen and those to be discarded in case they contain polluting elements.

It’s a long road to change, but not now when? It is time to make choices that look not only at economic growth but also at safeguarding the environment around us.