Autumn has arrived and it is slowly creeping into our days with its orange leaves and cooler temperatures. Its small and almost imperceptible changes transform our routine and make us desire changes in our lives, chase new dreams or simply change the design of our home. The colours of nature provide a palette that becomes inspiration for new palettes within the four walls.

The rich and opulent shades of autumn convey strength, balance and awareness just like the natural elements from which they are drawn. The colours become warm and spicy but they remain sophisticated and refined. Alongside the classic red, brick, pumpkin orange, ochre yellow and saffron, mustard, gold, hazelnut and caramel, burgundy, clay, copper, rum, chalk appear which pair well with sage and forest greens, dusty blues and dove grey.

How can we bring this palette into our home? If you want a more drastic change you can decide to paint the walls. The soft colours of autumn such as browns or beiges are perfect in this regard. If, on the other hand, you want a less radical restyling, you can think about changing some furnishing accessories and introducing new ones in the colours listed above. A sofa can perform this function very well. In the Cuborosso collections you can find the right choice. From the Picasso line, we recommend Amsterdam, Bric and Twix models. Their versions with green fabric or velvet upholstery fully reflect the autumn season. From the Dream line, on the other hand, Atlas model is available in sand and grey/orange versions.

In case you think that these changes would bore you soon, then the best way to bring autumn into your homes is through decoration. Choose pillows, rugs, plaids or vases and other objects in earth colours.