A new year is upon us, with new color trends in the interior design palette. 2022
it will be a year characterized by intense and vibrant shades of blue and red, passing through all of them
shades of purple to combine in contrast with light shades and natural materials. Inevitable i
neutral colors and minimal style, but the real novelty is olive green.
The olive green color is the new entry for next year. Away from sage green or emerald green, it is
ideal for a home furnished with natural materials and in which you want to recreate an atmosphere
modern and relaxing.
In 2022, blue and gold colors will still dominate the scene in interior design. These shades do not
they never go out of style and are perfect for those looking for classic and refined furnishings.
The liveliness in the furnishings is often sought in strong and lively colors. In fact, one of the colors of 2022 will be
the scarlet red that will find its maximum expression in the combination with white and in
glossy finish.
For some years now, the colors of the earth have found their place in interior design. An example is the
ocher color, perfect for an elegant setting. It goes well in contrast with a dark tone and
cold, like forest green or with a more neutral and delicate pale gray.
Another color that will characterize the new year will be purple in its dark version. In fact the
Pantone of 2022 is Very Peri, a completely new shade, a particular periwinkle blue
influenced by a red and purple undertone. It is in fact a novelty created specifically
for 2022, to represent the courage of creativity, the desire to dare and personal inventiveness
Minimalism has become a classic in the world of interior design with its neutral colors and
inevitable natural materials and green elements. This philosophy has found its way into the furnishings
urban for its ability to bring brightness to even the smallest apartments.
The watchword for this 2022 will be to dare.