Cuborosso and Bertani Furniture new Store in Casaloldo (MN)

#Cuborosso and Bertani Furniture celebrated the new opening in Casaloldo (MN) of a new Cuborosso Store, a 600 square metre exhibition space entirely dedicated to upholstery.

The new openings of our Brand's stores continue, and after the inaugurations in Calabria, it celebrates a new opening. The opening of the store was a real event, accompanied by dance performances, aperitifs and a hot air balloon ride.

Explains the latest developments Alessia Bertani, Ceo of Bertani Furniture: "For us this inauguration is a source of great pride – says the manager, granddaughter of the founder Agostino Bertani said Gusto, who started the business in 1952 with a small hardware store – year after year, step by step, we arrived together with my parents Elio and Miriam and my sister Silvia to open in 2009 the new showroom of 1200 meters on the ground and today to open a space of 600 square meters entirely dedicated to upholstery, living rooms, relaxation armchairs, sofa beds, mattresses.

"We choose the best players in the market based on the research and sophistication of the design – explains the CEO but especially in relation to the cost-quality ratio, to the benefit of our customers. Not big brands – concludes Alessia Bertani – but companies able to provide products of excellence with excellent value: we put the signature of Bertani Furniture".