Great enthusiasm at the event that took place on May 6th for the presentation of the concept store Calabria project. During the event, the www.cuborossostore.it portal was presented explaining the strategy of store CUBOROSSO IN ITALIA, a business strategy that is the basis of the project and which defines precisely how Cubo Rosso intends to compete in its sector.

The Company to be successful wants to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals and put its dealers in a position to compete in the same way especially with specialized centers, real players in the upholstery market.

Cubo Rosso interprets the store with a sales architecture where identity, brand and commercial vision are declined in shapes, colors, sounds and scents that reflect its essence.

The company's architectural firm develops unique concepts, with an idea that starts from the focus towards its target to the study of purchasing processes, creating a convincing response, creating multisensory outlets, places of relationship.

It stimulates emotional shopping experiences.

Customized solutions created by a single partner, which provides the entrepreneur with skills and tools for the constant verification and rebirth of the business.

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