Furnishing your home in a modern style is the goal of many, but what are the characteristics of such an environment? Let’s see them together.
The main objective of this trend is to lighten spaces and make them more functional. Therefore, eliminate heavy, refined and excessively decorated furniture. The modern furnishings have regular and clean lines and are made with innovative materials. In the case of the classic ones, they are reinterpreted to enhance the material authenticity and durability.
The colors to be used for a modern style are neutral or bright. You can choose a unique and particularly intense color to combine with other white or gray walls or opt for the non-color color par excellence. It will always remain trendy and timeless for its practicality and its charm. White is good for any occasion and has the ability to illuminate spaces by expanding them.
As for the living room, choose a large and multifunctional sofa perfect for relaxing after a long day but also suitable for welcoming your friends. You can choose our Libeccio with its essential and tailored lines or the Simpa which thanks to the tilting backs allows to increase the space of the seat. The Borger is also perfect for a modern style, a modular sofa that can be composed and decomposed if necessary to make the most of the spaces.
What are the other precautions to follow to furnish your spaces in a modern style? Try to use natural light as much as possible and organize the rooms according to an open space concept without borders.