Italian design has always been a pride and an excellence of our country. In fact, since the Renaissance, our rich, diversified and creative craftsmanship has allowed us to create masterpieces and other luxury items that have made Florence and Venice famous. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the industrial production in Italy gave life to very high quality goods, which contributed to create the myth of the Bel Paese products.

What does it take to be a Made in Italy product? Attention to detail, bold but elegant combinations, exceptional quality raw materials, innovation and the ability to last over time. All these fundamental characteristics can also be found in Cuborosso creations. In fact, we are honored to represent Italian quality in the world. We can say that ours is a true Made in Italy production also thanks to compliance with the laws that regulate the use of what has become a real brand. Each of our sofas, in fact, is designed, conceived and manufactured in Puglia. The local production, closely linked to the territory, represents the strength and pride for the company. We export the quality and craftsmanship of a territory, contributing to the economic growth not only of a sector but of the entire country.

Made in Italy has, in fact, an important role in the global economy and in the creation of new job opportunities. The value of the brand places it in tenth place in the world for image and reputation, and is equivalent to 2.110 billion. Even in the last year, according to the data reported by SACE, exports recorded an increase. Growth is widespread both geographically and by sector.

However, the quality of Italian products must always be accompanied by an intelligent digitization activity. This process, if conducted in a professional and efficient manner, allows even the smallest companies to make themselves known abroad. Cuborosso also makes use of digital tools for the design and creation of sofas which then travel around the world. This is how high quality collections with an all-Italian design are born in which harmony of shapes, fun