Our homes have become the place where we spend the most time and have been transformed, if necessary, into offices, schools, cinemas, etc. The design trends of 2021 take into account this change and other needs that characterize our times. Let’s see what they are.
The presence of wood. After a year of quarantine that is not yet over, there is a strong need to be in the midst of nature and outdoors. If you do not have a garden, then you will bring natural elements into the house through the use of wood, preferably light and in a Scandinavian style.
Desire of sea. Summer is still far away but the desire for the sea is already very high. To recreate the same effect in the city, we can play with the brightness of the house and with the white and blue combination. Dark blue will also be a trend this year and combined with gold-colored furnishing accessories will create a unique, unmistakable and contemporary style.
Sustainability. Fortunately, this is the leitmotif of our time. The preferred materials will be glass, stone and all those materials following a path that is respectful and certified by environmental regulations. Biocompatible products also help to live better as they do not release toxic substances. The use of plastic is reduced to a minimum.
Design elements. The furniture will all revolve around a few design pieces such as a sofa or a coffee table that will characterize the environment, giving it a distinctive personality.
Neutral colors. One of the Pantone colors of the year is gray which together with other neutral shades such as beige, dove gray, etc. will transform the environment into a relaxing environment thanks to their restful effect.
Rethinking spaces. As we have already mentioned at the beginning, the house will be transformed to adapt to the needs of those who live there. For this reason, spaces will be created in which to isolate oneself and therefore work or study. When this is not possible with masonry work, then we will try to insert transformable elements such as tables and desks that can be opened if necessary.
Minimalism. This style eliminates all that is superfluous to have a more relaxing, functional and personalized environment.