Glam interior design

Let’s continue our journey into the world of interior design trends. This time we will analyze together a trend that is very popular among people and not just fashion victims: the glam style!

As the word itself says, this style is charming because it combines luxury and bright colors. It requires a lot of care in the choice of accessories that must be combined wisely. The furnishings are elegant, of high quality and very rich but maintain contemporary lines and finishes.

The complements characterizing this style are sumptuous chandeliers, mirrors and metal details. In fact, precious and sparkling crystals or suspended lights are chosen for the lighting. The effect, in fact, must be dramatic and the light becomes the jewel of the house and have to make it shine. Also for this reason, mirrors and colours such as gold and silver are chosen. They reflect and increase the depth of the rooms thanks to optical effects. Decorative candles are used to give a soft aura to the room.

The other furnishings also become mirrored and we find reflective bedside tables even in the bedroom. As for the colors, a real balance is put in place because if it is true that you can dare with prints and bright colors, these must be well balanced by neutral colors such as gray, white, black, cream and light brown especially in floors and walls.

The fabrics of glam style are opulent and precious so the sofas, great protagonists of the living room, are dressed in leather and velvet. In the new Picasso collection by Cuborosso you will find excellent allies to furnish your home in a glam style. Bonny in mauve velvet version has an attractive and refined design and is also perfect for smaller spaces. It will win you over with its beauty. Charm in blue velvet combines the beauty of the luxurious upholstery with geometric and essential lines. Raul in light blue velvet with lighter piping is also perfect for glam style. It is also customizable and modular according to the needs of the living space. Discover all the other models in the Picasso line and find the right one to create your glam everyday life.