Are you looking for the right sofa to fill the void in your living room? Or replace the old two seats on which you can no longer relax? Today we will see together how to choose the perfect sofa.

The selection takes into consideration several factors such as: the space available, the number of family members, the needs, the comfort, the resistance, the practicality and the style of interior decoration.

First, therefore, keep in mind the size of the room. If it is small you will inevitably have to choose a two-seater sofa or alternatively two armchairs. If instead you have a lot of space available, opt for a sofa with peninsula, corner or with separate parts. In this case you can use it as a dividing element instead of simply placing it against the wall. It is important, however, to keep in mind the shading in order to leave the necessary spaces to move. To better prepare yourself in this sense, you can use a white tape at home to trace the dimensions on the ground before buying the sofa that has won you over.

As we have already mentioned, the number of people who will use it also influences the choice. Indeed, a small sofa will be perfect for a couple, a larger one for a family. Hence also the choice of the coating. In fact, if you have small children it will be better to opt for leather or resistant and washable fabrics.

What will be the use of your sofa? If you want a place to converse the session you don’t have to be very deep, if instead your primary goal is relaxation then go for a chaise longue or a sofa with a reclining chair. Also keep in mind the style. The sofa must marry perfectly with the colors and mood of your room. You can even combine it with the accessories you already own such as the coffee table.

Finally, don’t forget the convenience. The sofa must be tried. To come? Write to info@cuborosso.com to find the dealer closest to you. We will be happy to help you.