A Cuborosso sofa can remain as new for a long time thanks to the craftsmanship and excellent raw materials with which it is produced. At the same time, however, it is necessary to take care of it and to adopt small measures that are necessary for all those objects at the center of daily family life. It is easy for it to spoil or get sick because it accompanies us in a series of daily actions such as, rest, eat, watch a TV series or a football match, welcome friends, etc.

Each type of sofa has a different routine. Let’s look at the fabric sofas first. They should be dusted often but gently. For this operation you can also use a brush-tipped vacuum cleaner, but set to minimum power. In the unfortunate case in which the sofa is mashed, you will have to act quickly in dabbing the stain. Then, you can use a smacker that you will have to spray on a cloth and never on the fabric because you would risk ruining it. The last step is to rinse the point with a damp cloth and dry. We recommend that you do not roll out the bleacher or scratch or scrape the surface. For the usual cleaning, however, you can use a liquid soap or a detergent in spray. Your task will be easier if your sofa is unresorable as you can remove the coating and wash it in the washing machine following the directions on the label.

What if yours is a leather sofa? This material requires special attention, it is true, but over time it is very satisfying. First of all, you should not place the sofa in a place too exposed to sunlight or heat because they cause dryness and cracking. To keep the skin in optimal condition it is important to dust it regularly with a very soft and slightly moist cloth. The sofa should then be carefully dried. To avoid any kind of reaction it is better to use demineralized water. In case of spots, it is very important not to let the substance penetrate inside the skin. You will need to absorb it quickly with a sponge. If you are faced with fat, we recommend that you sprinkle the stain with talcumc, leave it to work for a few hours and brush. Last but not forgetting to hydrate the skin of your sofa just like you would with your face. Use specific colorless products available in cream, pasta, spray or in liquid form. They should be used in small quantities and require a second step of polishing.

If you have chosen for your home a sofa Cuborosso suede or in nabuk you are faced with a beautiful but very delicate object. Again it is important to dust the sofa often. Use a soft, slightly moist cloth and dry carefully. If you need to remove a stain, as always, it is important not to let it penetrate then absorb it as fast as possible. If the substance is fatty we recommend using talcumc before gentle brushing.

If you follow these little tricks your sofa will be the companion of many adventures.