Relaxation Mechanisms


You've probably heard of it, it's a mechanism that applied to one or more seats of a sofa allows you to lower the back and lift the footrest, thus creating the premises for an unsurpassed relaxation!

Let's see how it works.

It's very simple. There are 2 types of opening, manual or electric.

With the manual opening, in practice, a lever placed in the side of the armrest or between the armrest and the seat is operated. Pulling it, you "unhook" a block and the springs are activated, raising the footrest and lowering the back. You pull the lever and … 'paf' relaxation is open!

In the case of an electrical mechanism, however, a button is placed on the side of the armrest or on the sitting side that activates a moped. The engine slowly lifts the footrest and lowers the back.  The electrical mechanism allows you to adjust the position of the footrest and back, stopping the engine at any time, until you get the desired position and optimal comfort.

It is also very useful and convenient to simply change your inclination to read or watch a movie or dialogue.

The electrical mechanism may seem more delicate than the manual, but it is not so. In fact, I'd say it's just the opposite.

The most advanced relaxation mechanisms used by most companies, have a "Zero Wall" opening system, that is, they allow you to recline the back and stretch the seat in a single movement, without having to move the sofa away from the wall.

Of course, being an iron mechanism with iron springs and with a destination for use of intense use, in addition to a good Italian mechanism (with warranty and home care), very high-performance (and expensive) seat cushions should be used, with high-quality polyurethane foam, to ensure great seat comfort, avoid feeling over time the iron levers of mechanics and maintain a better look over time.
Some sofas, especially those raised from the ground, have the backrest too low to be able to lie down and rest even the head.

You must then apply a headrest or equip the sofa with a special mechanism that lifts the end part, so as to allow the support of the shoulders and head.