The sofas read


The greatest effort in producing a sofa bed is to resist the temptation to use really poor import or domestic mechanisms, but offered at incredibly low prices. Experience has taught us that these mechanisms, after a certain use, begin to give closing problems and are often subject to ruptures or bends of the frame.

The other commitment is to give importance to the comfort of the bed, both with the various mattresses available, but also to the comfort of sitting and the design of the sofa. It is not easy to find the right compromise between comfort and cost containment, knowing that this product suffers from a demand and an offer strongly conditioned by the price.

Apparently the sofa beds all look the same and to understand the differences we really have to take a few minutes to read the next lines carefully, otherwise the risk of considering the sofas bed all the same is very high.

Most of the mechanisms on the market adopt a very simple system of openness. Through the rotation of the back and without removing any pillow, the sofa turns into a bed with net and mattress.

The mechanism is provided with bayonet grafts to facilitate the assembly and dismantling of armrests, back, front band of the sofa, solving the weight problem and allowing easier handling during transport.

This construction system allows the elements to be fully unseeded and reassembly extremely easy. Check the seat cushions and back.

Let's see what are the main differences between the various mechanisms read.

First of all, the thickness of the iron tubulars that make up the frame of the net. Whether they are round tubes or squares must have a certain thickness otherwise they risk bending, even just after an unsyrewd closure. Surely an effective study of the opening and closing is necessary because the levers and rivets of the mechanism are likely to bend or jump.

Damage that will forever compromise the smooth opening and closing of the mechanism.

High-strength furniture tube frame, with epoxy painting. Sleep flat with electro-healthy steel mesh and elastic straps.

We prefer to see the straps over the net on the part that comes into contact with the seat, because it becomes a real spring and increases comfort.

We now come to the mattress, a fundamental component as we can well understand, because the quality of the mattress depends on the rest of all the people who will use it.

Mattresses are available in 2 different heights 13 cm and 18 cm. The choice for one or the other depends on the use we want to make of it and the comfort we desire. Of course the 18-year-old mattress has a superior comfort.

Density is also important because from this depends the crushing resistance and softness.

The low density is D21 the average D25 the high density is D30.

The mattress can also be removable to be able to wash and clean and are also available in fireproof versions CLASS 1 IM – BS 7177 – 16 CFR 1632

At 18 cm tall, the high-density High Comfort Mattress (D30) is in the bed mattress range, ensuring maximum comfort.

It is recommended for daily use of the transformable sofa.  Covered with stretch fabric, anti-mite and anallergic.

The sofa bed is very heavy and well planted on the ground. Moving it to clean the floor is not easy.

For this purpose we point out the possibility of inserting a simple lever that allows the lifting of the sofa and sliding on wheels.