Those who have just gone through a move know that we often fill the house with useless and superfluous objects that make us regret an essential lifestyle. If you are of the same opinion, we have the trend for you … minimal chic!
Minimalism was born in the 1960s, reflecting the artistic change of the time. This term, in fact, was coined by the English philosopher Richard Wollheim to indicate the “minimal reduction” present in the works of art of that period. But what is a house characterized by this style like? Essential, you will find only what really matters and the atmosphere you will get will immediately be that of order and cleanliness.
If you too want to free yourself from the frenzy of everyday life and turn your home into a minimal nest in which to take refuge and seek calm, proceed calmly. Before designing and planning, start decluttering by eliminating unnecessary furniture and furnishing accessories and then begin to transform the environment.
The minimal rooms have very few furnishings that are not bulky and almost always arranged along the walls. In this way the movements are facilitated and everything is within reach. The center of the room is therefore almost always empty or filled with a simple white table. The watchword is balance and it translates into a skilful alternation between full and empty spaces. The decorations are few and of quality and usually consist of posters or plants.
Often in minimal chic living rooms the protagonist is precisely the sofa, a sofa that has simple and geometric lines, easy-to-clean materials such as leather and soft and basic colors such as gray, dove gray, white and black. In fact, these last two colors are often used in contrast. There are also those who opt for total white.
The other furnishings enhance the cleanliness of the forms and are made of wood, glass or metal, resins, raw materials destined to last over time. Also choose advanced and sustainable options. Even the floors prefer light wood and concrete for a style that is also close to the industrial trend.
Well, now you are ready to leave behind everything that is not necessary and embrace the essential.