Important volumes of shoulder pads and armrests contrasted with the lightness of the base that highlights the thin feet of painted metal. Giò features soft and generous armrests enriched by one of our sartorial seams, wide shoulder pads with adjustable headrests, a unique feature with an extremely… (more)


Alcor is the artisan sofa intended to inhabit large spaces with its square and contemporary design in which the rigorousness of the shapes is combined with the softness of the paddings. Solid and imposing, with comfort assured, with a low back combined with a wide armrest with tailored seam … (more)


An elegant and refined model, it is the combination of design, attention to detail and absolute comfort, covered in selected leathers is enriched by a tailored seam and leather bands that outline the arm. Raised from the ground by means of metal feet with wood insert, the armrests that lean… (more)


A cross-sectional living room that takes up elements of tradition, such as the shapes of the “bolsters” (roller cushions) that recreate armrests and back shoulder, associating them with a supportive and rigorous base that fits into contemporary language. Voyage can be used in a large number of situations and compositions, from those… (more)


An open-base sofa, fixed or angular, characterized by shoulder pads with tilting mechanism that allow to increase the depth of the seat. A mechanism also present in the armrest that offers the ability to increase the seat width and customize the comfort. With the shoulder pads and the armrests... (more)


A sofa that blends the best refined style, pure Italian design and practicality of use, a living room not only with the eyes. The essential lines and the soft embrace of this fully removable fabric sofa make it ready to become the center of a warm moment of conviviality. Added value, the many… (more)


A model that interprets the sofa in a new multi-mati and expressive version for its foot, which becomes structure and support for the arm, exposed metal. The rigor of the design and the vaguely Nordic stroke soften on its rounded lines, determining… (more)


Designed to transform the space dedicated to relaxation into a real place of well-being. The Alita model is characterized by an accurate style and proportions that allow you to savor moments of absolute relaxation, thanks to an electrical mechanism that allows the opening of the footpath… (more)


A modular and playful sofa, with soft and cozy curves that comes from the idea of offering great comfort with a reassuring gesture, warm and familiar. The timeless sign, the soft and enveloping design, its adaptability and versatility, make Borger a padded able to offer great… (more)


A technically complete product that offers a remarkable level of functionality. The structure reveals precise mechanisms that accompany each gesture and movement in a dynamic and balanced way. The sofa is equipped with large electrically liftable shoulder pads that offer a use of the back… (more)