Classic Style: What does Capitonè mean?

Quite "buttoned", it is a traditional craftsmanship that gives the upholstered furniture a very characteristic look

You've seen it often before, for example in the classic Chesterfield sofas, the workmanship is not. That's what you call the characteristic application of buttons on the padded coating, most often according to a regular square or rhomboidal pattern. This diamond quilting is also known as English quilting (the fault lies with the Chesterfield sofa!).

The classic handwork is an expensive and complex process. The lining is carefully arranged to form folds; The buttons are mostly applied to several centimeters deep in the thick padding. The delicate surface capité serves more as a decoration than as a reinforcement element. Machine processing also exists.

While the classic padding is made of hair or coconut fiber, today this technique with buttons and folds is often performed on an expanded polyurethane bottom. In addition, the capitè is used to decorate not only sofas, armchairs and chairs, but increasingly also for the headboards of the bed. And the doors: think of the respectable offices of the bosses, which are padded for sound insulation!

The buttons applied at regular intervals are mostly coated with the same cloth or leather as the lining. Some designers, however, also indulge in extravagances and add small applications, rhinestones or choose a contrasting color on the buttons.

For a cabinet capitonè, on the other hand, it needs more fabric than a smooth coating. Good to know: in the capité, which always determines a tension of the material, the fabrics of the lining behave in a completely different way; some skins seem in some places lighter. For this reason we talk about the "pull up" effect.

Visually similar are the quilted padding; in these cases, no buttons or a deep structure are used, but the fabric of the coating (e.g. on voluminous padding or if the fabric-non-woven is present) is only impeded. The three-dimensional effect is much lower.

Source: www.houzz.it