Thank you all for the great success at the Furniture Show

Cuborosso at the Milan Furniture Show 2016

Also this year at the milan 2016 furniture #salone we presented the latest news.

The presence at the #Salone2016 offered an innovative showcase to the many customers who have chosen to sell the products of one of the few production companies really 100% Made in Italy.

#Cuborosso this year, thanks to the collaboration of important partners, launches the new textile collection with various models enhanced by trendy and technologically advanced fabrics and colors such as the use of coating with Aquaclean technology.

Aquaclean Technology is a revolutionary fabric because it is possible to remove stains from the sofa simply by using a wet cloth.

This particular fabric allows you to remove stains using only a little water, without having to remove the pillow lining or unfurling your sofa or bed. So it will no longer be a problem to remove simple homemade stains (such as coffee, ink, sauce, fat, mud etc.) and this will make life easier for those who have children, pets or distracted children.

A collection of unique and contemporary products and certified "100% Made in Italy", Quality products at "all to discover" prices.
Particular attention is given to research and care in the choice of raw materials, components and mechanics, creativity, design and attention to detail.