Choosing the fabric of your sofa

The choice of fabric for sofas is conditioned by 3 main factors.

The first is definitely the combination with the surrounding environment of the living room. To condition this choice affect the color combined with the "hand" of the yarn.

The second factor concerns the practicality of use or the ease of cleaning, meaning the anti-matic treatments, as well as the washing standards. Whether or not washing in water (or better to say washing in the house) is crucial for those who renew their living room more than for those who are making their first purchase.

The third reason is the search for an appropriate quality standard, which allows some resistance to wear.

Natural sofa fabrics are – linen, cotton, wool, cotton velvet – preferred for the warmth and comfort they give to the environment, but at the same time they are the most difficult to clean compared to synthetic fibers.

On the market there are innovative, water-repellent and stain-resistant synthetic and artificial materials. However, since each fabric has its merits and defects, make the choices according to your needs as well as personal taste.

Here are the fabrics for sofas most used by sofa manufacturers.

  1. Acrylic is similar to cotton and linen fabrics but less durable, does not fade, wrinkles and is also suitable for outdoor environments.
  2. The chenille is particularly soft and is more durable than velvet, thanks to the synthetic fibers that make up it.
  3. Microfiber has significant advantages over traditional fabrics. In fact, it is a washable, waterproof fabric, resistant to dirt and weather, it is soft and comfortable. In addition, it guarantees a certain perspiration, thanks to its microporous membrane that makes it ideal for continuous use. The microfibre comes in any shade, from pastel to classic.
  4. Alcantara® is a unique registered branded material, produced and marketed by the eponymous company. It is Made in Italy and sustainable and is a versatile product that embellishes the surfaces it covers. It's easy to maintain and it lasts. It is in a medium-high price range.
  5. Cotton, wool, linen, cotton velvet are woven with different and fine textures, but they are easily stained and over time they tend to puncture.
  6. The silk is very valuable but delicate, you can only use it for a refined living room, where the sofa is little used. Silk and damask are precious and shiny fabrics that can also be inserted in a modern context with clean lines to create a pleasant and extremely refined contrast.
  7. Polyester is a practical and durable chemical fiber. It has a soft and pleasant surface to the touch. It stands out from other fabrics for its particular strength and generally needs little maintenance. It does not wrinkle easily and rarely deforms. In an environment with 85% humidity it absorbs only 1%.
  8. The skin-like is the synthetic variant of natural skin. There are bad products on the market, very cheap and free of wear resistance. After a few months the sofa is to be thrown away. It must be of great quality resistant over time and able to deform little. It is clearly cheaper than the skin.


In summary:

  • The yarns must meet the needs of taste and style as well as practicality. Consider above all the type of environment in which the sofa is inserted and its use: if the use is daily you should prefer a fabric that is resistant and easy to stain.
  • Natural fabrics, such as linen, cotton or wool are quite practical and can have treatments that also make them resistant to stains and water repellents. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns from which you can choose the one that best suits your environment. Among these cotton is the most practical fabric: just choose a washingable solution in the washing machine.



Aquaclean Technology is a revolutionary treatment that allows you to remove stains using just a little water. In this way, you perform very simple maintenance in a minimum time.

Aquaclean helps to get rid of most household stains (wine, ink, gravy, fat, mud, chocolate, cream, etc.), making our lives easier and giving us more time for important things.


AquacleanTechnology is an advanced protection for the coating of your sofa. This treatment coats each fiber with an invisible molecular layer, preventing dirt from entering the tissue.


  • 1. Remove excess material poured onto the sofa.

  • 2. Apply water on the stain, either directly or with a damp cloth. Wait a few seconds.

  • 3. Press on the stain with the cloth and gently rub on the fabric in circular motions. If the stain does not completely disappear, repeat the procedure as long as necessary.