According to tradition, the Christmas tree is made on December 8, and with it all the decorations give new magic to our homes. So we are here with some tips to turn your home into a magical place.
First of all, let’s start by saying that no room can be excluded and therefore we will also talk about the living room, the place where the protagonists are our sofas. The first thing to do to best decorate your home is to choose the colors and style that best suits your furniture.
For example, for a classic and traditional mood, the colors you won’t have to ignore will be red, gold, silver, green and white. The first is, in fact, the color of Christmas par excellence. It is a symbol of vitality and royalty and is perfect combined with contrasting shades including white which represents purity and recalls the color of snow. Gold and silver are metallic colors that are also beautiful with pink, blue and green. The latter is also a traditional color and symbolizes hope. It is perfect both coupled with natural materials such as wood and wool, and in the tartan version that recalls the style of the Channel.
To create softer and more Scandinavian atmospheres, you can opt for total white, for touches of beige and why not, black if your soul is particularly modern. The important thing is to keep all the forms of the characteristic elements of this period so indulge yourself with pine cones, stars, snow, trees, etc.
If you feel like princes and princesses, choose a more fairytale atmosphere by combining silver with teal and other pastel shades such as pink. Purple and gold will be perfect for more glamorous decorations, while blue and silver are very chic.
Do not forget the wise use of light. This is the period of illuminated garlands and wires that can illuminate not only the tree but also the handrail, the furniture and the frame of the fireplace and doors.
How to decorate the living room? Your Cuborosso sofa will remain the centerpiece of the room because that is where you will spend most of your time, perhaps watching a classic Christmas movie. To give it a Christmas touch, decorate it with themed cushions and plaids, decorated with holiday motifs or with greetings messages. If you can, place the tree next to it and you will see that both elements will enhance each other, creating a cozy corner with a magical atmosphere.