The most original presentation of our Malva sofa on the web

Oliva Furniture presents the Malva sofa, characterized by a great compositional flexibility.

The Malva sofa is available in many versions: linear, angular, horseshoe, with terminal corners etc. Malva can be enriched with numerous options:

  • the handy pull-out bench for absolute convenience
  • the classic transformable mechanism with two-fold electro-weeded network with a top-quality mattress
  • Terminal element on the peninsula equipped with box container where to store blankets or pillows.
  • Mechanisms on armrests and backs

It is also customizable in the many coatings, in addition to the skins of numerous colors you can opt for the famous Aquaclean fabric coating with a revolutionary treatment that allows you to remove stains using just a little water. In this way, you perform very simple maintenance in a minimum time.

Aquaclean helps to get rid of most household stains (wine, ink, gravy, fat, mud, chocolate, cream, etc.), making our lives easier and giving us more time for important things.

Watch also the Video of Malva Family by Oliva Furniture