Red Cube 3rd MEETING CALABRIA STORE, all the news

On November 6th at "Villa Fabiano" in Cosenza, the 3rd MEETING CALABRIA STORE 2017 took place.

Great news, after so long wait finally… the protagonist of the Calabria Meeting the new collection of relaxation armchairs presented at the premiere to our partners of Calabria.

The new collection has been very successful, the relaxation armchairs are 100% made in Italy, achievable in many colors and fabrics including Aquaclean fabrics and have many functions such as:

  • Roller system lift mechanism of the armchair on four wheels, operated by a pedal lever located in the back. Roller also makes it easy to transport an armchair from room to room.
  • Vertical upright device raises person that allows, to those who have motor difficulties, to easily assume the upright position.
  • Relaxation mechanism 1 or 2 engines. The 2-engine mechanism is capable of generating the movement of the back autonomously compared to that of the footrest. In this way, thanks to the ability to select which device to activate, you can get different combinations. Instead, the 1-engine mechanism generates the movement of the back and footrest together.
  • High-quality materials. The padding of our armchairs is eco-friendly, eco-densely expanded polyurethane coated with a dacron flap, however, in some models only the back is padded in high-quality D30 density bow. The structure is made of wood covered with a layer of polyurethane and metal mechanics.
  • Optional Vibro – Roller. This is a mechanism that through five vibration systems, placed in different places, allows you to stimulate blood circulation and generate a feeling of physical well-being. The entire system can be applied to each type allowing you to obtain an armchair suitable for every need.

Among the innovations also presented the delivery of the new minisites dedicated exclusively to the Stores, a real liveability Web in the territory with a personalized and specific solution, an indispensable support to the activities of promotion and sale.

Red cube with minisites wants to best represent the Store, enhancing the products and services of the retailer, an ad hoc dedicated container that improves natural visibility through the indexing of keywords. In this case the minisite, being dedicated to a specific product can be greatly optimized and get the best results in terms of web presence.